P.1 A Fish for Lunch
P.1 A new dog
P.1 Baby Kangaroo
P.1 My body
P.1 Pet day
P.1 Please Mum!
P.1 Pol Likes it Cold
P.1 The haircut
P.1 What a bad dog
P.1 Food
P.1 I see
P.1 In my pocket
P.1 Simon's Ball
P.1 Washing the Elephant
P.2 A Bee in My Bonnet
P.2 A cat in the tree
P.2 Clean-Up Day
P.2 Grandma
P.2 Kids in the Kitchen
P.2 New trainers
P.2 The Birthday Party
P.2 The toys' party
P.2 Time to Get Up!
P.2 Who Helps
P.2 Grandpa and me
P.2 Looking after a dog
P.2 Too Hot!
P.3 Bigger and Better pages 2-23
P.3 Bigger and Better pages 24-32
P.3 Caterpillar's Adventure
P.3 Kids' Kitchen
P.3 Milwaukee Cows
P.3 The Hole in the Tub
P.3 The Scrubbing Machine
P.3 Ling and the Turtle
P.3 My Camera
P.3 Snake is Going Away!
P.3 Swap!
P.3 The Flying Elephant