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* For Lower Primary Pupils:

Listen and choose the number you hear.


* For Upper Primary Pupils

Study the maps, listen to the speaker giving directions, and then choose the correct answers.

Listen to part of a telephone conversation and choose the correct response.

Listen to sentences and chrck your understanding of homopines.


* For All Levels:






Turn on the speakers of your computer. Listen and say the words / sentences.

Listen an dsay each of the minimal pairs. Then quiz yourself. Press "start" to begin

f / v

u / o

un / an

ate / et

s / sh

u / un

la / ra

d / de

o / u

ond / ound

un / ung

ou / au

th / Z

oo / uc

ea / i

ai / a

cl / cr

f / hu

b / v

o / a

t / te

th / d

th / s



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